About Gary

Gary is a native of Minnesota - he froze out - moved south to Joplin to attend Ozark Bible College where he met the young lady (Rebecca) who would become his wife. After college he managed a grocery store for a few years then entered the world of sales and marketing with French's Foods. He moved around the Midwest with Rebecca and their daughter and after a 28 year career with French's, retired early to become the Office Manager for Glendale Christian Church. After four years of work, Gary retired a second time. He came back to work here at Glendale in 2015 as the Facility Manager. 

Gary and Rebecca have been members of Glendale for over 30 years. He served as a deacon, an elder, and has been a volunteer for many of Glendale's ministries. For 20 years he served as the bookkeeper for the church. He views himself as an "enabler" doing behind the scenes work for other staff members enabling them to concentrate their efforts on doing what God has gifted them to do. If Gary had a motto, it would be, "I can fix that."