Our mission at Kids Quest is to provide a fun and safe environment for kids of all ages to know Jesus, love Jesus, and live for Jesus! 


We offer age appropriate, exciting, and interactive lessons on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Kids of all ages are on a personal quest to know Jesus so we have broken them down into age appropriate ministries as seen below.

Kids' Quest Base Camp:

Our mission at Base Camp is to provide a fun and safe environment where little ones ages 0-2 years old and loved and cared for in the name of Jesus!

Our vision for your little ones is to leave Base Camp knowing who Jesus is!


Kid's Quest Lil' Climbers:

Our mission at Lil' Climbers is to provide a fun and safe environment where preschoolers are loved and seeds of discipleship are planted!

Our vision for your preschoolers is to leave Lil' Climbers knowing and loving Jesus!


Kid's Quest The Summit:

Our mission at The Summit is to provide a fun and safe environment for elementary students where disciples are developed and community is created!

Our vision for your elementary students is to leave The Summit knowing Jesus, loving Jesus and living for Jesus!



At Glendale Kids Quest we believe in partnering with the family to further discipleship at home. We have a passion for kids to know Jesus, love Jesus and live for Jesus and, as such, our Sunday curriculum "The Gospel Project" goes through the Bible chronologically in a 3 year span.


Every lesson has a big idea, key verse, and an age appropriate application point so that students not only learn the Bible but learn how to live out the Bible.


We also provide this information to every parent at the end of Sunday School so they can further the lesson at home.


Kindergarten-1st Grade

The Jesus Storybook Bible

2nd-4th Grade

Kids Quest Study Bible | The Big Picture Interactive Study Book Bible

5th Grade

New Living Translation | New International Readers Translation 



8:30 AM | Base Camp

Lil' Climbers 2-5 years


9:45 AM | Base Camp

Lil' Climbers 2s, 3s, 4s & 5s

The Summit Kids Worship

11:00 AM | Base Camp

Lil' Climbers 2-5 years

The Summit Sunday School K-1, 2-3, 4-5



At Glendale Kids Quest your child's safety is important to us. That is why each child is given an adhesive name badge to wear each week and the parent is given a corresponding security I.D. tag.


This ensures that only a parent or authorized adult may pick up your child. The I.D. number on the security tag also enables you to be reached during the services if the need arises. Check-in stations are located downstairs in the lobby, outside of Base Camp, and at the Lil' Climbers check-in desk.


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